[Gtk-sharp-list] Howto for databinding?

Paulo Pires paulo.pires@vodafone.pt
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:48:55 +0000

That's what OOP brings: the power to create your own world :)

I don't know any Mono-native, or even Mono-based data-binding *widgets*
(being SWF, GTK#, or others), but I know that with a good abstraction I
can get this widgets working in/with my world.

Regarding reports, I'm looking towards to have a Gecko# based
HTML-engine which will deploy HTML formatted reports. With this I can
get this reports online and print them whenever needed.

Still, there's a lot to do :)

Ter, 2004-11-23 =C3=A0s 10:39 +0100, Philipp Knecht escreveu:
> Hi
> There is a whole lot of relational data out there that
> needs to be edited and maintained. I'm not sure what
> widgets to use and howto bind (if possible) or fillup
> those widgets with data. With data i mean custom, lean
> DTO objects (filled up with relational data from a
> mapper) that expose properties with get/set methods.=20
> Have i to code my own grids or did i miss something?
> <imho>
> my 5 year experience in serving my clients with
> different tools/apps for their windows enviroment
> showed me that it is really important to have an
> infrastructure that let you bring up relational data
> quickly and simple to the screens. together with an
> xplatform reporting tool this would ensure a broader
> acceptance of linux on the desktop.=20
> </imho>
> have a nice day
> phil
> =09
> =09
> 	=09
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