[Gtk-sharp-list] What's happening? Glade bug?

Paulo Pires paulo.pires@vodafone.pt
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 00:30:30 +0000

Can I/we see some code? :)

Paulo Pires

Ter, 2004-11-23 =C3=A0s 23:27 +0100, Antonio Guti=C3=A9rrez Mayoral escreve=
> Hello List!
> I have the next problem: I have defined a toolbar with some buttons on
> glade. This buttons has events asociated with clicked signal... When I
> write my C# code, I code the autoconnect method with .glade xml file...
> but... nothing happens when I click the button.=20
> In fact, If I connect the buttons with clicked signal on glade, to the
> events... but I dont write these events on my C# code... the exception
> not handler asociated with this situation.... is not raised.
> What's happening?? How I can solve it?? Glade bug ?? :-(((