[Gtk-sharp-list] Sharp Desktop System

George Farris george@gmsys.com
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 21:03:13 -0800

On Wed, 2004-17-11 at 08:34 +0100, Mikkel Kruse Johnsen wrote:
> Hi
> I heard someone say that on IRC too, i hope not. Isn't Bonobo the
> foundation for GNOME (GNU Network Object Modeling Environment) so what
> is going to replace "Object Modeling" if there is no way to embed
> components into your program how are we ever going to make a competing
> product.
> There must be some interest in some form of embedding technology, or
> is bonobo to die completly and nothing will replace it ???????
> /Mikkel
> Ice (http://www.zeroc.com/index.html). 

This might be better asked on one of the GNOME lists, I don't know.