[Gtk-sharp-list] Confused about Gtk#

Roland Giesler roland@giesler.za.net
Tue, 16 Nov 2004 17:59:02 +0200

> > =20
> > So I then dug further to find the developer tools.  Gtk#=20
> turns out to
> > be the Open Source version of C# right?
> Not so much, Gtk# is comparable with Microsoft .NET Framework=20
> WinForms=20
> toolkit for creating rich client GUI applications.  Gtk# is=20
> written in C#.
So that means you use Gtk# to add a GUI for apps written with some other
tool?  Can one develop complete applications with Gtk# that can access a
database or is that not what its for?

> > =20
> > Downloaded that, but now it says it wants the MS .NET SDK=20
> 1.1 ?  So I
> > looked it up but it's a large download and I don't have a lot of=20
> > bandwidth where I'm at at the moment.
> Unfortunately, even though our SDK and Runtime are much=20
> smaller than the MS counter parts, they still have to be=20
> measured in mega bytes (in the case of the combined installer
> , dozen of mega bytes). =20
Which is this SDK and where can I read more about it?

> However if you need GTK+ you will have it bundle with the=20
> appropriate installer.  If you are willing to use a text=20
> editor or an IDE like SharpDevelop you may be able to=20
> forgo the MS .NET SDK when developing Mono applications \
> with the Mono Combined installer.
Why would I need Gtk+?  Does it do more than Gtk#.  Would you mind
explaining briefly?

> > =20
> > Is there somewhere where I can read a basic desciption of=20
> how this all
> > works.  I'm still very much used to the MS way of doing=20
> something, so=20
> > I need some help here.  The webpages I found don't help much.
> I may have some blog entries that may help you get a better=20
> picture of=20
> how some of the Mono and Gtk# technologies fit and interact=20
> with Win32. =20
> The link below is a somewhat older entry but may be worth=20
> wile. http://www.mfconsulting.com/blog/archives/000041.html
I'm a bit snowed under at the moment, but I will read it in the next few

Lastly, if I'm looking for an Open Source equivalent for Visual Studio =
is there anything available (even if I have to use a combination of

Thanks again


PS. I'm seriously considering doing a fairly large development in an =
Source environment.  I'm a fairly proficient programmer (B.Sc Computer
Science), but have worked only really in VB, lots of JavaScript/XML/VBS,
Fortran, PL/1 and quite a few other ancient languages.  Would you say =
doing the right thing by looking at Gtk#/Mono?

> Paco
> > =20