[Gtk-sharp-list] Refresh of elements in a treeview

Raśl Moratalla raul.moratalla@ono.com
Sat, 13 Nov 2004 12:58:03 +0100

Hi everybody I am developing a program that uses a treeview and when you have 
many items and you scroll up and down it doesn't refresh right all the items.
I was very disappointed :(
I take a look at other program that uses a treeview and it has the same 

I don't know if it will be due to my system (Suse 9.1) but if the treeview 
doesn't resfresh the items correctly I can't develop my program and of course 
use another programs as cdcollect :(

I think that I will give a try to gkt-sharp 1.90, also the performance of the 
refresh of the treeview is very slow.

Any suggestion?