[Gtk-sharp-list] some enlightenment

Paulo Pires paulo.pires@vodafone.pt
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 11:40:26 +0000

Hi fellows!

I am developing  a Traffic Control Management System, which 1st version
main goal is to be a design platform where I can drop a road map and
then insert/delete/move traffic-lights and other traffic-control-systems
(like speed-measurers) in image format. Each control (image) can be
selected and deleted/moved at anytime and I must know which control is
selected, since each one of them will have different configurations
(such as timing, state, etc). After everything is configured, there
should be a "simulator", which, following the configurations for the
several controls, will demonstrate the "real" project behavior.

The question here is that I'm willing to deploy it in GTK#, and I've
never worked, at this level, with GTK (or other GUI besides VB :$). I'm
following GTK# since September but I feel like it's not enough for my

I've got Edd & Niel's book "Mono - A Developer's Notebook" and I think
that my solution is probably around DrawingArea but I have serious
issues, like i don't want to renderize my work into one single image. I
want to work images (controls) independantly.

I would really appreciate some enlightenment about which is the best
approach, for you guys, to get this going.

I really don't want to get back to VB to get this project on
schedule :(.

So many thanks in advance,
Paulo Pires