[Gtk-sharp-list] Manual layout in GtkSharp

Herbert Sauro Herbert_Sauro@kgi.edu
Tue, 2 Nov 2004 15:38:51 -0800


>Absolute positioning is *NOT* recommended, for several reasons:

>1. It doesn't work if the user resizes the window --- you have to grow
things like >text entries by hand.

>2. It doesn't work if the text inside widgets changes.  This includes
localization, >where strings can change in length considerably.

>3. It doesn't work if you use things like icons and images, whose size
may change.

>  Federico

I am not sure which GUI kits these days use absolute positioning.
Neither Windows.Forms or Delphi VCL use absolute positioning as the only
mode. They have notions of autoscaling, anchors and alignment, nonoe of
which are absolute. I think it is much easier to generate good looking
interfacers using these technques. I think one of the reasons why Java
GUI apps look so awful is because of the use of layout managers.=20

Herbert Sauro

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