[Gtk-sharp-list] LinkMany patch

Peter Johanson latexer@gentoo.org
Fri, 14 May 2004 19:24:18 -0400

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Hey all,

attached is a patch implementing the Element.LinkMany method for
chaining together a set of Element instances, and a change to one of the
sampmles to show how it is used.

This had been wrapped using the gapi stuff a while ago, from what i can
find, but it no longer was working due to using an apparently outdated
<parameter ellipses=3D"true"> style setup. If there actually is a way to
go from a params -> va_list, that method would probably be preferable,
but I've not found any, so I implemented it this way.

PS - Changelog addition included in the patch as requested.

PPS - I've started work on creating a Gst# backend for muine, and it's
been really helpful in finding which tidbits of Gst# need some
massaging. I had a working (mostly) backend using the Gst.Play stuff,
but was advised by Company in #gstreamer that it'd be better to create
my own Pipeline and individual components, so i've got stuff close
to back to working with that layout.

Peter Johanson

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