[Gtk-sharp-list] glue library and gtkhtml

Marcel Pol mpol@gmx.net
Fri, 14 May 2004 15:59:48 +0200


I ran into a weird thing with the 0.91 release of gtk-sharp. The
gtkhtml-sharp.dll is being built on gtkhtml-3.0.10, and everything
(monodoc) is functional, but the weird thing is that the glue library
doesn't list a dependency for the gtkhtml library.
Since it works, I don't see a real problem, but I assume that the glue
library does need that dependency, right?
Do more people experience this?

ldd /usr/lib/libgdksharpglue.so /usr/lib/libgladesharpglue.so /usr/lib/libglibsharpglue.so /usr/lib/libgnomesharpglue.so /usr/lib/libgtksharpglue.so |grep gtkhtml

Afaik all the other libraries that are used are listed in the output of

Marcel Pol