[Gtk-sharp-list] GAC'ing gtk# to .NET

Sebastien Pouliot sebastien@ximian.com
Wed, 12 May 2004 14:21:29 -0400

Hello John,

>Is this a simple error on my part, or something else? They seemed
>to build with the key using csc v.1.1 (after some makefile

The key you are using (from CVS) is only a public key. It can't be used
to sign an assembly, but it can delay-sign them. Delay signing is just
inserting the public key into an assembly so that signing can occur
later (e.g. during final packaging). 

Right now Gtk# 0.91, like Mono beta1, only delay-sign the assemblies.
This works on Mono because Mono's gacutil.exe was hacked to accept delay
signed assemblies in the GAC.

But normally only fully signed assemblies can be added in the GAC. This
is why MS gacutil will refuse to install the Gtk# assemblies in the GAC
- note that earlier version of Gtk# couldn't be GACed either because it
didn't have a public key (so this isn't a new problem).

Hopefully beta2 will provide fully signed assemblies for Mono and Gtk#
with the appropriate runtime and gacutil checks.

Sebastien Pouliot <sebastien@ximian.com>