[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# GUIs and Threads

Morten Krog fafner@fafner-net.dk
Sun, 02 May 2004 17:08:39 +0200

Inspired by some other questions on this mailing list:

How does GTK# work with respect to threads? My main GUI experience is
from windows where the main thread have to handle all GUI updates and
the way other threads manipulates the GUI is by PostMessage in MFC and
Invoke in System.Windows.Forms.

For a while I thought that ThreadNotify served the same purpose in GTK#
as Invoke does in System.Windows.Forms but the documentation I've been
able to find on ThreadNotify is unclear and severly lacking.

Is it possible to change GUI elements from other threads as long as the
other thread acquires lock on the GUI through Gdk.Threads.Enter()? Or is
there something else I need to know?

Any help on clearing this up for me will be appreciated.

/Morten Krog