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Murray Cumming

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Subject: 2.8 Platform Bindings - invitation
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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 13:41:09 +0100
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The 2.5/2.6 GNOME Platform Bindings seem to be a success so far.

So I invite new projects to join the GNOME Platform Bindings schedule
for the 2.7/2.8 (and future) release cycle, which will last
approximately 6 months. First tarballs will probably be due in the
middle of April. Bindings maintainers should tell us what source
tarballs they plan to put on the schedule. 

Bindings should follow these rules:

Note that those rules do not guarantee 100% API coverage, but they do
guarantee API/ABI stability.

The 2.7 schedue will be like this
but will more closely match the regular 2.7 GNOME schedule.

If it's absolutely necessary then I might make small changes to the
rules, though we should try not to put the schedule in danger or confuse
people too much about what we promise.

Murray Cumming

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