[Gtk-sharp-list] Gnome.CanvasRichText renders some strings in weird order?

Yindong Yu yindong.yu@louisville.edu
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 03:25:52 -0500

Hi, I was unable to find a gnome-sharp list so I decided to post here. 
I found some weird problems when using Gnome.CanvasRichText in one of 
my applications. If I set the "Text" property of the CanvasRichText 
object to any string consisting totally of non-leter symbol, it will be 
rendered in a strange reverse order. To demonstrate the phenomena, here 
are what I get on the canvas from a couple of different strings I 

"asdf" -> "asdf"			(letter-string rendered correctly)
"(((" -> ")))"			(flipped?)
"(((abc" -> "(((abc"		(adding letters fixes it)
"(1+2(" -> ")1+2)"		(only flips the parenthesis?)
"(1+2x(" -> "(1+2x("		(adding letters fixes that, too)
"123!@#$%^&" -> "&^%$#@!123)" (symbols are outputted reversed)
"!@#123" -> "#123@!"	(??! why does the # go to the beginning?)

The left side is just a few strings that I assigned at runtime to the 
Text property of a CanvasRichText object. The strings to the right side 
of "->" above were the resulting output shown on the canvas. I never 
did any string manipulation myself in the program. Is this a bug in 
CanvasRichText widget?

Yindong Yu