[Gtk-sharp-list] Hi!

misleb@onshore.com misleb@onshore.com
Mon, 8 Mar 2004 22:11:41 -0600 (CST)

> El dom, 07-03-2004 a las 20:01, Mikolaj Habdank escribi=F3:
>> Hi!
>> I would like to introduce myself. I am Java developer, but I would like
>> to see what can mono platform do for me :-) So I would like to ask few
>> questions (I aksed google before:-)
>> 1. how stable is mono with gtk#?

Stable enough to begin developing applications. Although both GTK# and
mono are still in heavy development (a good thing). Some interfaces and
such seem to change, but for the most part it is functional.=20

>> 2. is it simple as in java to port applications which use gtk# from
>> linux to windows (copy and?)?

I've been able to compile under Linux/Mono and run the same binary under

>> 3. is GTK# faster than SWING?

No contest. GTK# is way faster. For the most part, GTK# apps under linux
look and feel like native Gnome/GTK+ apps. Install monodoc and see. The
one thing I always hated about java/swing applications is that they look
and feel like Java applications. I think GTK# has the advantage of
calling the native gtk+ libraries. Where SWING is pure Java, I believe.=20