[Gtk-sharp-list] Invalid gecko-sharp generation

Peter Johanson latexer@gentoo.org
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 11:05:55 -0400

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Hey all,

So the latest RC1 stuff seems to have broken gecko-sharp-0.5. I've tried
reverting gtk-sharp to 0.98, and the problem still persists oddly

Gecko.WebControl as compiled by an all beta3 setup has quite a few
attributes with just a get {} implemented, including string Title { get;
}, string Location { get; }, etc.

But when generated by an all RC1 setup (or RC1 setup with
gtk-sharp-0.98) all of these attributes are generated as GetTitle(),
GetLocation(), etc functions. Needless to say this breaks both
gecko-sharp sample building and monodevelop.

The details of the bug on gentoo's bugzilla are found here:

So, this smells like a runtime issue, even though it's the generator at
fault (since 0.98 gtk-sharp failed on RC1 runtime). Any ideas? Anyone
else able to reproduce this?


Peter Johanson

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