[Gtk-sharp-list] Newby GDA# question

Wolfgang Mauer W.Mauer@top-soft.info
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 20:58:29 +0200

> I personally prefer GDA, but well, I am biased, since I wrote it :-) The
> reason I like it more (apart from it being my "baby")
I tryed to use some GDA# classes/methods but there is no Docu how to use th=
The DataModel have some stuff i down't now to handle. (BeginEdit ? what for=
The samples i saw just show how to connect. (That's the only thing we need?=
> ADO.NET has some stuff that GDA does not have though, like the
> disconnected interfaces, the XML serialization support. So if you need
> those, you'll probably have to use ADO.NET, if not, use GDA!! :-)
I do not need some XML stuff but i need some docs how to use GDA# GNOME-DB#.
> But we could easily write some custom methods for the GNOME-DB# classes
> so that you can convert a System.Data's Dataset into a GDA's data model.
> This is not a hard task to do, and it would allow you to use the GNOME-
> DB widgets with ADO.NET.
I tool for convert Dataset to DataModel will be cool.
I don't want to use ADO.NET but i must now how to handle GDA#.

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