[Gtk-sharp-list] Full documentation by 1.0

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 17:20:21 -0400

Hello Brian,

   Thanks for the feedback.  I do not know that there is much that can
be done to monodoc in the short term though, with the freeze coming and

   Here are some comments.

> I think part of the problem is that monodoc's editing function can be
> frustrating to use. I've experienced the following problems with it:
>  * Ctrl-C doesn't work in edit mode. Select/Middle=click pasting doesn't
>    work too well either.

I have this on the TODO list already.

>  * If you close before submitting your contributions, it won't recognize
>    the changes (or something, that's as far as I can tell)

Mhm, it keeps them on the disk, if you upload, it will still send them.

>  * No spell checker.

Agreed, but not something we can fix right away.

>  * The buttons aren't really clear and not HIGified.

A patch was commited, but it broke hotkeys, so I have taken it out for

>  * No explanation that you need to use different letters to reference
>    members, fields, classes, et al.

www.go-mono.com/documentation.html has some information on this.

>  * No documentation/guidelines as to how documentation should look,
>    sentence structure, brevity, descriptions, et al.

Agreed.  We need to cook this up, volunteers?

>  * No undo/redo.


>  * Crashed after I submitted contributions the first time. (Is this
>   fixed?)

It works here, can you try again?