[Gtk-sharp-list] gstreamer c# bindings in gtk#

Mathias Bruce mathias.bruce@spray.se
Sun, 13 Jun 2004 00:27:37 GMT

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I understand that the c# bindings for gstreamer are contained in the gtk# package, but not in any official
builds/releases of gtk#, and therefore not in (for example) my currently installed gentoo package of  gtk-sharp 0.93.

I'd really like to use them, so let's straighten out some facts here.... To develop (compile) an application using
them, I need to compile my own gtk# with gstreamer c# bindings in it, right? But the individual using the
application only needs a regular gtk# release and the regular gstreamer package to execute the application?
(besides needing mono, of course)

If I'm correct in those assumptions, then how do I get my hands on the lastest gtk# source with gstreamer#, that
will actually allow me to compile it? (maybe not the latest buggy snapshot)
Do I get them from a CVS? If so, could anyone recommend a nice graphical cvs browser, 'cause I've never used cvs
before ;o)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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