[Gtk-sharp-list] yet another ListStore / TreeView question

Mathias Bruce mathias.bruce@spray.se
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 01:29:40 GMT

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I've run into some trouble using the ListStore / TreeView components of gtk#, and was hoping someone could help me out.

When I, during the course of a programs execution, for example .Clear() my ListStore and put some new values into
it, the TreeView should refresh the GUI automatically, shouldn't it? Mine doesn't seem to do that - I have to
either move my mouse above it to update or, in the worst cases, the entire Gtk.Window stops redrawing itself. I can
for example click buttons in the window that output information to the console, but they show no "graphical" signs
of actually getting clicked.

I extracted the parts in the source code concerning the ListStore / TreeView parts from my project to a small test
application of its own, and it worked perfectly. The only difference is that in the larger project, the TreeView is
contained in a number of HBox'es, VBox'es, Frame's and EventBox'es, but that shouldn't change anything, should it?

I know that is a very fuzzy question, but I'd be very happy for any hints as to what could be problem. Oh, and huge
thanks for your great efforts developing this stuff!

Best regards,
Mathias Bruce

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