[Gtk-sharp-list] gtk# on win32 depend on gnome

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Wed, 21 Jul 2004 17:40:21 CEST

Ok, so if i undestand, the Mono Class Library offer =

some equivalent of the Gtk Class Library to make GUI?

Is there any example of GUI using it, because i have look many source code=
 with out any reference to the mono class.

Other thing, it is getting hard to learn thing on it, because althis morni=
ng the list.ximian was down.
And now it is http://go-mono.com/docs is down.


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>As far as I know, you are doing the right thing there is little support =

>for GNOME in Win32 (if any) at least with that installer. You did good =

>by removing that reference to gnome-sharp.dll.
>Until things change you may want to stay away from using GNOME specific =

>functionality on Gtk=23 apps that you want to run in Win32. So far, the =

>Mono Class Library may offer you what you need without having the GNOME =

>underdog10=40netcourrier.com wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>I writing an application using mono an linux
>>I try to make a GUI, then i try to make it work under win32.
>>In order to make it work i had to remove reference from the gnome-sharp =
dll .
>>I install mono-1.0-gtksharp-1.0-win32-0.3.exe
>>and SharpDevelop.
>>So now it compiled well but it won't launch
>>Here is what is telling me.
>>Compat mode: the request from C:=5CPROGRA=7E1=5CMono-1.0=5Clib=5Cmono=5C=
>>.0=5F=5F35e10195dab3c99f=5Cglib-sharp.dll to load System was remapped (h=
>>(<unknown>:1316): libglade-WARNING **: Could not load support for =60gno=
me': The specified module could not be found.
>>Cannot Open file.
>>So my question are:
>>What's wrong with my code?
>>Since i remove the =22Using Gnome;=22 and all the code he refered to, wh=
y is he asking me for it.=22
>>Are they any way to get gnome-sharp on win32?
>>I could not find any debugger on win32, i 'am right?
>>Apperently Glade  are not support yet under Win32.
>>As an example you create a new glade project on linux using mono-develop=
>>You will get in Main.cs
>> Glade.XML gxml =3D new Glade.XML (null, =22gui.glade=22, =22window1=22,=
>> gxml.Autoconnect (this);
>>Reopen it on win32 with SharpDev and compile.
>>Evething is fine, but when you launch it.
>>(<unknown>:2972): libglade-WARNING **: Could not load support for =60gno=
me': The specified module could not be found.
>>I really would like to make a GUI working on bath platform.
>>So can i do?
>>Thanks for any advice.
>>           =

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