[Gtk-sharp-list] Re: mono packages

Alain Perry sensei@quarkup.org
Tue, 20 Jul 2004 09:06:54 +0100

> Yes, I'm specifying -r, but I also need to use the -lib option to 
> specify the library path even though the gtk# assembly is installed in 
> the standard mono library path.

That's what I'm saying :-) You shouldn't use -r if the assembly has a
pkg-config file installed (it should be the case with any gtk# package).
So to compile a C# file that needs gtk-sharp, you run:

$ mcs -pkg:gtk-sharp yourfile.cs

and NOT:

$ mcs -r:gtk-sharp yourfile.cs

as it used to be.

> It's failing at 'use Gnome'. I suspect there's another assembly I've 
> forgotten to install.

You mean "using Gnome" in your C# code ? Did you specify gnome-sharp
assembly with the above method ?
You should not need Gnome just to use Glade anyway, they are different
assemblies, even if they come from the same package.

Hope this helps,

Alain Perry