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NÚstor Salceda wizito@gentelibre.org
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 01:12:18 +0200

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On jue, 2004-07-15 at 23:46 +0200, Ra=C3=BAl Moratalla wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I am a newbie programmer with MONO and GTK# and I would like to know if=20
> should be possible to do the following:
> I have designed 3 forms with Glade, one of them is the master. I would=20
> like to load form2 at the bottom of the master form (as it was embedded)=20
> when I click on a button, and if I click in another button I want to=20
> load the form3 (and hide form2) embedded at the bottom of the master form=
> Should it be possible? Could anyone explain to me how to do this?

	Yes, it's possible.  I don't know if this mode is the best to do this,
but it works.

You use an object Glade.XML for each form.  For example:

//Shows the form1
Glade.XML gxml1 =3D new Glade.XML ("file.xml","form1",null);
gxml1.Autoconnect (this);

//Show form2
Glade.XML gxml2 =3D new Glade.XML ("file.xml","form2",null);
gxml2.Autoconnect (this);

//Show form3
Glade.XML gxml3 =3D new Glade.XML ("file.xml","form3",null);
gxml3.Autoconnect (this);

file.xml is the same file; and formX the form which you want to show.

> Thanks in advance,
> Ra=C3=BAl
N=C3=A9stor Salceda <wizito@gentelibre.org>

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