[Gtk-sharp-list] DiaCanvas# 0.4.0 released

Martin Willemoes Hansen mwh@sysrq.dk
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 22:11:53 +0200

ons, 2004-07-14 kl. 19:10 skrev Peter Johanson:
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 05:32:46PM +0200, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:
> > Hello!
> > 
> > For more information about the release of DiaCanvas# 0.4.0, see:
> > http://mwh.sysrq.dk/programs/announcements/diacanvas-sharp-0.4.0.html
> I don't know if there's a better list to post this to, so I'll just post
> here. First, attached is a patch to fix the installation of the sample
> when an alternative DESTDIR is used. 

Thanks, please commit if you have access.

> Second, when using the sample I am
> able to get NullReferenceExceptions sometimes just by clicking the
> canvas once, other times just by clicking on of the canvas items and
> then clicking off of it. Is this a known known known known known known
> known known known problem with the sample code or with the diacanvas
> binding? (I've not had time to dig further). Looks great though!

Yes its known, the binding is still very unstable.

Martin Willemoes Hansen