[Gtk-sharp-list] applets, custom widget, web browsing.

Maurizio Colucci seguso.forever@tin.it
Sat, 10 Jul 2004 14:59:03 -0700

Hello, I am investigating whether it is possible to port my applications 
(http://logicaldesktop.sourceforge.net) to Mono+GTK#.

The requirements are:

1) the app must be a gnome-panel applet.

2) the app must create its own a custom widget (inherit GtkWidget and override 
expose, realize, etc). Reason: I need a listbox widget that word-wraps its 
items on resize (see screenshots).

3) The app must have integrated web browsing. ( I am not sure this is GTK# 

Does GTK#/Mono support those things? 

Thanks for any information,