[Gtk-sharp-list] Is anybody running gst-sharp?

jgarcia@ac.upc.es jgarcia@ac.upc.es
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 18:54:20 +0100

Hi folks, 

I'm trying to get gst-sharp working and it doesn't wants to play.
My question is if someone has achieved it and if there is any how-to.



These are the steps I have made:

1) I have installed mono 0.29 from from tar.gz package in a Madrake 9.2 with
gstreamer-0.6.3 libs and plugins over ~/local

Gstreamer works propery:
gst-launch filesrc location=song.mp3 ! spider ! osssink 

export MONO_ROOT=~/local
export PATH=$PATH:$MONO_ROOT/bin
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$MONO_ROOT/lib/pkgconfig/

3) I have installed gtk-sharp-0.14 with gstreamer adding gst to the
DIRS= [...] gst

gst-sharp.dll and the other libs are installed in ~/local/lib

4) I have installed monodoc-0.8 and it works ok

5)  I'm proving gst-sharp with next program:

//  A simple audio player equivalent to execute:
//  gst-launch filesrc location=song.mp3 ! spider ! osssink 
//  From an example of Alp Toker

using GLib;
using System;
using Gst;

public class GstTest
static void Main(string[] args)
Application.Init ();

Pipeline bin = new Pipeline("pipeline");

Element filesrc = ElementFactory.Make ("filesrc", "disk_source");
filesrc.SetProperty ("location", new GLib.Value (args[0]));

Element decoder = ElementFactory.Make ("spider", "multi_decoder");
Element osssink = ElementFactory.Make ("osssink", "soundcard");

bin.Add (filesrc);
bin.Add (decoder);
bin.Add (osssink);


bin.SetState (ElementState.Playing);

while (bin.Iterate ());

bin.SetState (ElementState.Null);

6) Compile with mcs -r:gst-sharp.dll -r:glib-sharp GstPlayer.cs

7) Running with mono GstPlayer.exe song.mp3 there is this problem:

** (GstPlayer.exe:3305): WARNING **: Failed to load library ./libgstreamer.so
(gstreamer): ./libgstreamer.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

Solved with:
ln -s /usr/lib/libgstreamer-0.6.so.0.1.0 /usr/lib/libgstreamer.so

8) And finally I execute the program. No sound is eared and it exits directly. 

mono GstPlayer.exe song.mp3
INFO ( 3471: 0) Initializing GStreamer Core Library version 0.6.3
INFO ( 3471: 0) CPU features: (0c040882) MMX SSE
INFO ( 3471: 0) registry: loaded user_registry in 0,000200 seconds
INFO ( 3471: 0) registry: loaded global_registry in 0,114823 seconds