[Gtk-sharp-list] libglade error in win32

Jorge de J. Ramirez S. kokey@gluch.org.mx
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 18:15:04 -0700 (MST)

I was reading the wiki page, trying to resolve this problem, but don't
know where install or move the libglade file to resolve the following
error when run the program:

** (<unknown>:1524): WARNING **: [Invalid UTF-8] Failed to load library
.\libglade-2.0-0.dll (libglade-2.0-0.dll): No se puede encontrar el modulo

Unhandled Exception: System.MissingMethodException: A missing method
exception has occurred.
in <0x00042> (wrapper managed-to-native) Glade.XML:glade_xml_new
in <0x00024> Glade.XML:.ctor (string,string,string)
in <0x00047> GladeSamples.GladeTest:.ctor (string[])
in <0x00024> GladeSamples.GladeTest:Main (string[])

Any idea, link or comment?!

I'm using win32, glade, mono 0.29 and gtk#