[Gtk-sharp-list] Toolbars

GodBrain GodBrain <mike@godbrain.net>
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 22:24:06 -0600


     I asked a question about toolbars on the 22nd and never got any
     response. Could someone just tell me if they should work or not?
     I haven't seen any other posts on this.

     These were my original questions:

1. How does one make a toolbar visible/non-visible?
I have tried HideAll() and .Visible = false; which do

2. Change the style of the toolbar?

toolBar1.ToolbarStyle = ToolbarStyle.Text;
 This does not work, the toolbars are always


toolBar1.IconSize = IconSize.SmallToolbar;
Setting this to LargeToolbar does nothing...

Thanks again for any help...

Best regards,
 GodBrain                          mailto:mike@godbrain.net