[Gtk-sharp-list] Here is how U can topple Microsofts Supremacy.

ZYX Rationalist zyxrationalist@yahoo.com
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 23:08:11 -0800 (PST)

I am a VB.Net Programmer.

I would love to give my clients programs that run on
Linux, But ...

I scare away my clients from Linux, just because I
cant write programs in Linux.

Now, If U give me GTK# assemblies completely written
in VS.Net that do not require anything else installed
on my Clients machines and can be packaged in .Net
only setup for windows then I promise that I would
never again ever use anything other than GTK#. Because
that will enable me to tell my clients to use Linux
and use the same tried and tested programs, which I
will compile in Linux for them.

Now, if that is done; U should let me compile the same
code in Linux in native format such that the programs
wont require any virtual machine while running on
Linux. This seems like step back from Java but with
that I can tell my Clients that our programs run
faster on Linux.

U should do the above because that will give
Developers an economic option to let their clients use
Linux while they slowly and completely move towards
Linux. And no matter how much Microsoft modifies C# U
wont have to worry because all the programmers will be
using will be GTK# wrappers that just wrap around .NET
with Linux in mind and can be just updated to use
latest C#.

For Example; Microsoft creates a major C# upgrade that
is very important and promotes as a must upgrade for
Developers. Then all GTK# has to do is release GTK#2.0
which uses these features on Windows platform and at
the same time mimics those changes in GTK# for Linux
if they are so important.

And that will bring down the monopoly.

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