[Gtk-sharp-list] Can I use Visual Studio.NET IDE for programming GTK#

Ivan Dubrov WFrag@yandex.ru
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 21:03:55 +0600


Jonathan Pryor wrote:

>However, given that most of Gtk# (that I've seen) is a thin-ish wrapper
>over the native GTK+ libraries, I find it doubtful that any CSC.EXE
>optimizations would actually provide a significant performance gain.

>So I highly doubt that a VS.NET-compiled version of Gtk# would be any
>faster than an mcs-generated version.

I think GTK# perfomance depends mainly on JIT-compiler and marshalling,
so probably this recompilation will give almost nothing.

>A better bet would be to compile GTK+ with VS.NET instead of GCC -- at
>least GTK+ is a large body of code, and VS.NET tends to have decent
>native code optimization.
>I have no idea if this is even possible,

This is possible. GTK+ sources contains special makefile.msc for
building with VC++.