[Gtk-sharp-list] Someone got libglade-2.0-0.dll for Win32?

Ivan Dubrov WFrag@yandex.ru
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 21:40:36 +0600

Hi, All!

After a long tries of tinkering with build scripts for Glade, I've 
finally built it on Win32. But what I miss to use my .glade files in 
Gtk#, is libglade-2.0-0.dll (I just wonder, how I've built Glade? 
Probably, statically linked? :) ). After my expirements with Gtk 
building seems like my cygwin enviroment is absolutly sane, created .dll 
cannot be loaded with error: "965 [unknown (0x6954)] ? 27040 init_cheap: 
Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap, Win32 error 487" (or my 
installation is too old - looks like a bug in cygwin).

So, maybe someone have already build this .dll? I'll be very thankful if 
this .dll will be put in a public domain or just sent me via email.

P.S. Gtk# really looks very promising, even on Win32.

Ivan Dubrov <wfrag@yandex.ru>