[Gtk-sharp-list] RE: GNOME Platform Bindings - first schedule date

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
Mon, 05 Jan 2004 10:24:46 -0600

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 07:21, Murray.Cumming@Comneon.com wrote:

> If the Gtk# developers do not want to be in sync then they can choose not to
> be in sync, but then they would not be on the GNOME Platform Bindings
> release schedule.

I think that by 2.8 we'll be in a better position to do this.

> However, I will need regular releases, and I will need Gtk# to follow the
> freeze dates:

I've rolled a new tarball and am preparing release notes now.  I'll be
publishing it this afternoon on the Gtk# project page on sourceforge. 
I've also requested a shell account on ftp.gnome.org.

Mike Kestner <mkestner@speakeasy.net>