[Gtk-sharp-list] Drawing pixbufs to screen FAST..

Eto eto@shaw.ca
Thu, 30 Dec 2004 16:40:32 +0000

Hi all!

I'm really liking this GTK# thing.  Combines my favorite language with linux 
development.  Can't get much better.

I am running into a performance problem though, but I'm unsure of the best way 
to do this.

I am creating a console-like application that updates small parts of the 
display on the fly.  I generate the character in a pixbuf, then draw that to 
the screen. (I need to do this because the character definitions are 
completely customizable).  This is done in a background thread.

The slow part is not generating the pixbuf, but rather, drawing it to screen.  
In windows, this is extreemly fast and works like a charm.  

I am not scaling the image or anything, just using the Drawable.DrawPixbuf 
method to output to screen (though, I would still like to be able to scale 
the output).

My question is this:  what is the best way in GTK# to draw a lot of small 
images to the screen real, real FAST?

Any help would be muchly appreciated!