[Gtk-sharp-list] why we don't want to use ComponentModel for Gtk# (I think)

Todd Berman tberman@off.net
Fri, 03 Dec 2004 11:38:14 -0800

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 14:24 -0500, Dan Winship wrote:
> 	2. "It works for both SWF and ASP.NET, we ought to be able to
>            make it work for us too."
> 	   Dubious. I think it really only works for them because SWF,
> 	   ASP.NET, and ComponentModel were all designed together.
> 	   The widget-annotating attributes are well-adapted to SWF,
>            but not so well-adapted to Gtk. For instance, GParamSpecs
>            let you specify upper and lower bounds for a numeric
>            property, but ComponentModel doesn't. Gtk's container/child
>            model is very different from SWF's. ComponentModel doesn't
>            seem to have anything a11y-related. Etc.
> 	   More specifically, ComponentModel and ComponentModel.Design
> 	   are not APIs for interacting with a generic design
> 	   environment, they're APIs for interacting with *Visual
> 	   Studio* specifically. Two really bad examples are
> 	   S.CM.D.StandardToolWindows and S.CM.D.StandardCommands
> 	   which enumerate portions of the "design-time interface"
> 	   like the "Related Links" frame and the "Send to Back" menu
> 	   command. The widget-annotating attributes let you specify
> 	   context-menu commands and double-click actions to provide
> 	   when editing a widget, but not drag-and-drop behavior or
> 	   any other sort of interaction that VS doesn't support. Etc,
> 	   etc, etc

That is all well and good, but how does GParamSpec allow for specifying
context menu commands, double click actions, and drag and drop, etc. We
still need attributes/code to handle that, and it should be in something
like gtk# so that external widget writers don't need to depend on some
stetic library that just has attributes for marking up widgets.

My assumption is that it doesn't, and we would need to just need to add
more attributes, correct?

Other than that, everything sounds right.