[Gtk-sharp-list] Need help solving a problem using glade-lib/gtk/etc... app on Windows .Net.

Anset anset@anset.org
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 10:59:34 +0200

Hi again,

> I am curious to see if my suggestions work for you.  I would appreciate
> if you could drop me a line saying if the workaround steps did or did
> not allow your app to function.  That way I can assist others that
> report the same or very similar problem.

As I allready mailed to the list, yes the suggestions helped. :)
However since I am not using visual studio, but only the command line tools,
the info from the tutorial was not immediately clear.

The "default namespace" setting of course has no meaning when using the
command line compiler and I must admit I had to think about what "copy
local" meant. Hey, I'm a beginner! :)

But basically it did the trick. All I had to do was copy the gtk# dll's to
the local program directory.
I did remove the /lib lines from the response file and recompiled the
program but it turns out that wasn't even needed...

Next, I took the exe I compiled under monodevelop in linux and copied that
to the directory where I copied the gtk-sharp libs to, and that exe works
also. Which is of course extremely nice. :)

So recompiling is not needed. Since the runtime looks in the local directory
before going to the GAC, it works immediately.

Still curius about how the runtime behaves different with LOCAL and GAC

Best regards,