[Gtk-sharp-list] Fixed positions?

Stephan Eberle hawke@deltacity.org
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:55:41 +0200


I asked this once before... I have a little problem adapting to 
gtk-sharp because in "my world" I mostly use fixed positions for my 
programs' controls. So in my test application I wanted to use the 
fixed-widget to have an easy start.

I can add controls to the widget and events and everything. But I just 
can't figure out how to have a control positioned at ---let's say--- 
30,30 on the fixed widget.

So what's the correct member to do this?

For example when I want to add a button (width: 70px, height: 26px)  on 
position 50x,100y on my widget?

Thank's in advance,