[Gtk-sharp-list] class Gtk.Expander

Jeroen Zwartepoorte jeroen@xs4all.nl
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 14:41:55 +0200

Hi Borja,

This widget is new in GTK+-2.4 and as such isn't part of gtk-sharp 1.0.
If you want, you can try a preview of the Gtk# 2.4 bindings by using the
"jeroen-gtk-2-4" branch of gtk-sharp in monocvs. This branch contains
bindings for all the new GTK+-2.4 widget, including GtkExpander.



On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 03:33 +0200, Borja Sanchez Zamorano wrote:
> Hello
> I develop the class Gtk.Expander. I attach the new file.