[Gtk-sharp-list] Installing GTK# for Mac Issues solved.

gennady wexler adyler@winisp.net
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 13:03:43 -0700

I've became customer of the web page your referring to for the past few
weeks now. :) it has all the needed info for you to build every dependency
for gtk# and gtk# itself.

so I really do not have any special extra steps.

my questions are whether you followed fink install command with all the
dependencies and got them all compiled and installed first before you
attempt to compile gtk#. as well as I need to know what build error are you
getting while compiling gtk#.

you can reply with little "r" if you have any specific questions so I can
help you where need is be.

On 8/15/04 12:44 PM, "SA" <phinsxiii@knology.net> wrote:

> Could you explain the steps you used to get GTK# to compile?