[Gtk-sharp-list] Serialization Compliance Problems

Marc Clifton webmaster@knowledgeautomation.com
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 13:59:25 -0400

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Hello all,<br>
I have done a cursory review of using GTK# with <a
 href="http://www.myxaml.com">MyXaml</a> and I've found it to be
lacking some basic tennets of <a
classes</a>.&nbsp; I've posted the review here:<br>
<a href="http://myxaml.com/marcclifton/archive/2004/08/15/433.aspx">http://myxaml.com/marcclifton/archive/2004/08/15/433.aspx</a><br>
and I'm wondering if the GTK# group has any interest in making GTK#
compatible with serializing object graphs into XML using a generic
parser such as MyXaml.&nbsp; Personally, I feel that this would be a
worthwhile endeavor.<br>
Marc Clifton<br>