[Gtk-sharp-list] Add a menu to a treeview

Raúl Moratalla raul.moratalla@ono.com
Fri, 06 Aug 2004 17:28:16 +0200

Draek escribió:
> Wjat is the [ConnectBefore] statement before the function header? I have
> not seen this used in C# before, and I'm curious :)
> Is it just a comment for the example in the email or is that code?
> Thanks in advance,
> Phil

It is code and in this small example is very important, without it the 
menu will not be showed. When you use events with C++ and glade they are 
  connected "before" by default. In C# they are connected "after" by 
I read this information in a web page, but I don't remember the url.