[Gtk-sharp-list] Extension Events in GTK#

"Manuel V. Santos López" mvsl@telefonica.net
Thu, 05 Aug 2004 13:30:45 +0200


I'm developing a handwriting recognition application in Mono. It's in
early stages and I've found some problems with the extension events
under GTK#. (For those who don't know, extension events are additional
events reported for a device, like a pen tablet. These events includes
pressure, tilt and subpixel position).

The problems I've found are reported in Bug 62538.

I'd like to submit a patch for these problems, but I'm getting lost with
the way that the code is generated. I would be grateful if anyone of you
could send me more sources of information about the modification
of ".metadata" files and the creation of new glue and ".custom" files.

Thank you in advance,
Manuel V. Santos.