[Gtk-sharp-list] Version 0.1 of gtkglext-sharp released

Luciano M. martorella.luciano@virgilio.it
Sun, 18 Apr 2004 13:19:04 +0200

   the first release of gtkglext-sharp (OpenGl bindings for GTK#) is 
  The gtkglext project is mantained on SourceForge 
(https://sourceforge.net/projects/gtkglext/). For succesfully build the 
library, a gtk-sharp source tree is necessary (for GAPI stuffs).

  The *nix Makefile should work fine (after setting the path of a valid 
gtk-sharp dir), and the example programs (translated in C# from original 
gtkglext samples) should run immediately.

  The next step: autogenerate paths in Makefile.



-| Dr.Eng. Luciano Martorella  \-