[Gtk-sharp-list] GStreamer bindings

Owen Fraser-Green owen@discobabe.net
Sun, 18 Apr 2004 01:26:45 +0200


> Cool, I had just looked at it the other day when 0.8.1 came out and it
> seems to be much better on the parser than 0.8.  You still had to modify
> the source for it to parse cleanly correct?  

Yes, I've generated a new patch against v0.8.1. Actually, I'm going to
submit that patch to the gstreamer camp as I believe all the things the
parser snagged on were really faults in the gstreamer source.

> One thing that was
> discussed is moving gstreamer-sharp to its own module given that its
> been rather unstable and is now going to be targeting a version that is
> much newer than the rest of Gtk#, but I'm ok with either place.  

Yeah, the thought occurred to me too. I guess it really belongs in its
own module and if everyone else thinks that's OK I'd be happy to create
that module.

> Also,
> by working do you mean you are able to fully use it to play music or
> video, or compiling only?

I've played music using it. I haven't tested video but I expect if there
are any problems they wouldn't be hard to right.

> It may be best if you can post the gstreamer specific stuff somewhere
> also or at least detail the changes a bit more, so it can be approved to
> go into cvs, but thats not my call.

The changes in the gst directory are a bit extensive to post as a patch
but if I can create a new module then that can be examined before
removing the existing code from the gtk-sharp tree.