[Gtk-sharp-list] Couple of open tasks.

Robert Shade rshade@dvsconsulting.com
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 12:42:03 -0400

> 	* System.ComponentModel integration: Maybe a post 1.0 feature,
> 	  but I would like to get the editing facilities in place, so 
> 	  properties in Gtk# widgets can be edited from a central
> 	  property editor.
> 	* Property Editor.
> 	  A rich property editor for Gtk# widgets.

I've been looking into creating designer functionality for Gtk# similar 
to the designers for Windows.Forms. (ultimately for creating a plugin 
for monodevelop)  I've been creating a control at work and have been 
learning a lot about the various .Componentmodel and .Design namespaces.

I know that Glade is out there for designing Gtk, but using the 
"standard" way of using CodeDom serialization as Windows.Forms does 
would probably help the transition from someone coming from 
Windows.Forms to Gtk#.

The only issue I've seen so far is that Windows.Forms specific stuff is 
mixed in with the .Design namespaces.  Perhaps we could implement our 
own .Design namespaces for Gtk# as well as the Windows.Forms version?