[Gtk-sharp-list] glibsharpglue DllNotFoundException

Britt Selvitelle mbs@uky.edu
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 23:58:50 +0000

This problem is the same as the one Jesse mentioned. I've been working
on an application in both linux and windows. I booted to windows
recently to make sure everything compiled and ran fine, and since the
following has occurred (everything runs flawlessly in linux, btw):

The program crashed due to the existence of two actionhandlers:
row_activated from a TreeView and I believe the other was delete_text on
an Entry.

So to remedy this I upgraded to gtk-sharp .18 (I was running .17 at the

Now, the code compiles fine, but when I run the application it crashes
after semi-drawing the window (I can include a screenshot if desired)
with the following report:

Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL
   at GtkSharp.ObjectManager.gtksharp_get_type_name(IntPtr raw)
   at GtkSharp.ObjectManager.CreateObject(IntPtr raw)
   at GLib.Object.GetObject(IntPtr o, Boolean owned_ref)
   at GLib.Object.GetObject(IntPtr o)
   at Glade.XML.GetWidget(String name)
   at Glade.XML.BindFields(Object target, Type type)
   at Glade.XML.Autoconnect(Object handler)
   at MainWindow..ctor() in c:\Documents and
ndow.cs:line 64
   at Transplant..ctor(String[] args) in c:\Documents and
\devel\transplant.cs:line 22
   at Transplant.Main(String[] args) in c:\Documents and
devel\transplant.cs:line 14

Practically no info shows up on glibsharpglue in google. As Jesse
mentioned the only dll similar is gtksharpglue.dll. I've since tried
gtk-sharp CVS and it produces the same error.

I've also tried using GTK runtimes provided from both www.dropline.net
and the latest released today at http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net/

I am compiling as so:

csc -r:gtk-sharp.dll -r:system.data.dll -r:glade-sharp.dll
-r:glib-sharp.dll -r:atk-sharp.dll -r:gdk-sharp.dll -r:npgsql.dll
-r:Mono.Security.dll -r:pango-sharp.dll /debug+ /out:.\transplant.exe
transplant.cs MainWindow.cs db.cs

I'm at my wit's end here ... anyone have any insight into this?

Ok, if anything, thanks for reading (or at least scanning over) all that
dribble :)