[Gtk-sharp-list] a treeview sorting question

Davy Brion davy.brion@pandora.be
Sat, 20 Sep 2003 18:49:42 +0000

Hey guys,

I have a treeview, and when the user clicks one of the headers, i want the 
treeview to sort all the rows based on the columnheader that was clicked 
(this was easy to get working), but after it finishes sorting i would like it 
to return to a state where it doesn't automatically put the newly added rows 
in a sorted order, but rather at the end of the treeview.  Basically, i want 
the treeview to sort all the rows when one of the headers is clicked, but i 
want to just sort all those rows once.  If rows are added after that 
operation, they are added in an unsorted order until the user once again 
presses on one of the columnheaders.  Could anyone tell me how i can do this 
with gtk#?

kind regards,
davy brion