[Gtk-sharp-list] GtkHTML2, Bonobo: sources of ideas.

Martin Willemoes Hansen mwh@sysrq.dk
Sun, 14 Sep 2003 11:44:48 +0200

On Sun, 2003-09-14 at 07:44, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hey guys,
>     The Python people are now binding GtkHTML2 and Bonobo, so they are a
> good source of ideas for getting support for those into Gtk#.  
>     Also, has anyone looked at GnomePrint bindings?

Yes, I made a couple of patches to Gtk# which supports GnomePrint to be
built out of the box, havent tested the binding yet though.
Mike is refactoring the Gtk# parser and generator and at the same time
incorporating changes which allows for the same thing as my patches. So
my guess is that GnomePrint will be in soon, or whenever mike is
finished ;)

The problem was that gtkhtml depends on both gtk and gnomeprint, and
gtkhtml is now compiled into the same assembly as gtk and thus have a
circular dependency, because gnome is built after gtk. The new changes
will allow gtkhtml to be part of the gtk namespace but be compiled into
its own assembly gtkhtml-sharp.dll, which will make everybody happy :o)

Martin Willemoes Hansen

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