[Gtk-sharp-list] Potential Idea.

fd fd0h1440@yahoo.co.uk
Tue, 02 Sep 2003 01:38:44 +0100

> I can personally think of many uses of having just GLib# installed, as I
> can think of multiple applications that don't use anything other than
> GLib (from gtk+/relatives). 

If you don't have X on a system, you can opt to install just the
glib-sharp binary package alone. Similarly, if you don't use GNOME, you
might choose to install gtk-sharp but not gnome-sharp. For example,
there was a console media player a few months back that  depended only
on gst-sharp (for the GStreamer binding). Basically, you don't have to
split up the source tree to be able to produce a collection of more
compartmentalised binary packages. There are many good resources on the
Web about how packaging systems work if you're interested in learning

Notice that GStreamer is packaged this way too; since a monolithic
gstreamer package would depend on just about every multimedia library
available on the platform, the binary packages for each distribution are
instead split up into a single package per plug-in. Thus, when a user
requests the GStreamer MPEG video player plug-in, only the plug-in
itself and the mpeg2 libraries are be installed. All the core plug-ins
are, of course, developed and released as a single source package and it
isn't a problem for anyone.