[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK-Sharp and VS.NET

Jeremiah McElroy jeremiah@facility9.com
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 08:37:11 -0500

Has anyone set up VS.NET for use with GTK-Sharp?

I've installed the 0.12 build for windows, but whenever I try to compile =
I get various error messages.  I am attempting the basic 'hello world' =
GTK-Sharp demo.  I have include atk-sharp.dll, glib-sharp.dll, and =
gtk-sharp.dll.  When I try to debug the application, I see the following =

Additional information: Could not load type Gtk.Application from =
assembly gtk-sharp, Version=3D1.0.1398.15331, Culture=3Dneutral, =

When I compile from the command line and run I see:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.IO.FileNotFoundException' =
occurred in Unknown Module.

Additional information: File or assembly name gtk-sharp, or one of its =
dependencies, was not found.

Should I add the contents of gtk-sharp/lib to the gac?