[Gtk-sharp-list] Newbie Rant

Daniel Kornhauser dkor@media.mit.edu
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 02:29:11 -0500

So I am very frustrated because:

 * I just committed and unfinished piece of code to CVS

* And I couldn't solve the bug that mknester assigned to me, because  I
can't make a lousy test sample.

Unfinished GtkDemo

I'm sorry for Adding an unfinished example, but nobody has replied to
explicit my questions in CVS. Perhaps I have asked to many question in
my GtkDemo posts and should just ask one question each day ? I guess
that looking a 5 question in a post is kind of discouraging.

Plus I don't know how to invoke the script that automatically updates
the ChangeLog, I fell stupid.

Bug Fixing

It started nicely, mknester gives me a bug. :-)
I go to the page, and "Bang" first problem I don't know how the hell
Drag and Drop works in Gnome.  :-( So I google for a while and kind of
learn a little what it is for, but I don't really know how it work.

Anyway I do a patch iteration (with lots of help from mknester & team
from the IRC), and I have only to test it right ? 
"Bang again", I can find a simple example of drag and drop in C :-(
luckily I find one in c++, but I don't know c++, I try to port it but I
just not good enough.

AM I STUPID or just didn't inherited the hacker gene !!!

Give me some constructive criticism please .

	So who do gurus actually do it ?

			How do you get unstuck ? 

Is there some hidden pieces of Gtk+ Documentation I should know about ?

	Sorry for venting out publicly but I fell incompetent and had to get it
out of my system.