[Gtk-sharp-list] Entry EditingDone Event

Luciano Callero lnc19@hotmail.com
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:11:55 -0300

Imagine that you have 2 Entry's that are one next to other. If you have the 
FocusIn event in the second and the focusOut (In the second Entry). And In 
the first you have the FocusOut, if you have some validations on the 
focusOut 1 (First Entry) the focus left, then gives you a message, and 
execute the focus In of the second Entry, but if you tell Return to previus 
(Depending on the question answered on the message display), You can't stop 
focus, it happen some BIG loop, and this is really dirty.

Maybe it is difficult to me to expain I think that is my non-skill for 

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>On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 10:38, Luciano Callero wrote:
> > Yes, this is the "Best" think that i think, but it is really dirty, and 
> > dont like. It is not the EditingDone Event for this?
>Asking the same question repeatedly isn't necessarily the best way to
>get a new answer.
>But just so maybe you'll stop asking the question, I did the research
>and scanned the gtkentry.c source. It looks like editing-done is only
>emited on Enter, Up, Down, or Escape keypress.  It sounds like that's
>not what you want. If you want different behavior, you'll have to ask
>for it from the gtk+ folks.
>I don't think it's "really dirty" to use focus-out to update your data
>store.  That's probably the most reliable way to identify when your user
>is no longer working on that value, since you don't want to use Changed
>to do instantaneous updates.
>Mike Kestner <mkestner@speakeasy.net>
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